"In wildness is the preservation of the world"

--Henry David Thoreau

The Kansas Flint Hills, the last expanse of Tallgrass Prairie on the continent, is being threatened by industrial wind energy development.

• Only 4% of the Tallgrass Prairie in North America remains

Industrial wind development fragments the fragile ecosystem and disrupts wildlife habitat

Developers want to construct hundreds of wind turbines taller than the Statue of Liberty on the high ridges of the Flint Hills

Little power will benefit the citizens of the Flint Hills

Turbines disrupt the scenic view both day and night

Economic and environmental consequences are proven

Elk River After Photo
Elk River Wind facility, Beaumont, Kansas. Will this be the future of the Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie?

Proven economic and environmental consequences

Why fragment & compromise this unique & endangered ecosystem with industrial development when Kansas has over 8 million acres of already fragmented land with good wind resources?
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